December 12, 2007

          An average child between ages 8 to 18 spends more time in front of the computer, television and game screens than any other activity except sleeping (Huston, 1992). Our children are enormously influenced by the media, not only in their decisions and actions, but also in their behaviors. Unfortunately the large amount of exposure to media has negative effects towards our society, especially towards children and teenagers, one of the most serious effects  is desensitization to violence.

          Children not only  learn by observing and imitating what is in the media, but they also come to terms with violence as an acceptable way to settle conflicts and desire to watch even more violent movie and play even more dreadful video game, where players are rewarded for the amount of people killed.

          Our media needs to be changed; media violence needs to be limited not only in violent video games but also in movies and television. I hope our society will find this website useful and change their opinion and actions towards media. A Childrensmedia2day Blog is here for people to bring them a different view about today’s media and society. My blog is here to finally make you see, that children need to find more effective entertainment than playing violent video games and that children should NOT be rewarded for killing people in Doom (violent video game), neither should they be rewarded for “kicking someone’s butts” in Fight Night Round 3 (violent video game), but they should be told the real life beauties.


Popular Wrestling matches are another source of violence in the media, which desensitize our society. Children and teenagers not only watch horrible matches, where oponents are risking their life, but they are also entertained by the most awful moves seen.


One comment

  1. Barbara,I think that these pictures on your blog are really cruel.It is a controversial issue if violent movies and computer games are causing violent or aggressive behavior by children,but you are right that violent programs should be limited,especially during the day time,when a lot of children have access to television. I personally think that those video games and violent programs can have a harmful effect on children’s psyche.

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