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Desensitization Due to Media

January 3, 2008

          According to the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry the media violence do affect children’s behavior, attitudes and values. As we all know today, children’s desensitization to violence has increased numerously, especially in the past few years. Just because, by the time a child is eighteen years old, he or she will witness on television 200,000 acts of violence including 40,000 of murders (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). Our society needs no more to ignore these problems of our future generations! What society are we growing up in, if we are unable to stop our children from being desensitized to violence? Today more than ever, children are becoming less scared of the everyday violent images they see on television or the Internet, neither what they hear on the radio.

          On December 30th, 2006 just about anyone was sitting in front of the computer screen watching the execution of Saddam Hussein’s Video, where his own death was recorded and posted all over the world for people to see, not only adults, but also children were possible to see a dead of a human being just by a click away. Our media makes us so desensitized, that it not only no more troubles us to see a death body, but also we immediately try to look for them on the internet so we have something to talk about over lunch with friends. Unfortunately, the internet is limitless and anyone can post, publish and visit practically anything. Of course there are websites that make you put your birth date to be able to enter, but people are not stupid, they can figure out what year makes them legal.

          And what about the Virginia Shooting Massacre, can people say it not only troubled them to see images of tens of students being dragged death but everyday increasingly people wanted more information about the shootings, and student’s killer. Isn’t it enough to see it once? No, people want increasingly more violence!

          Still people today, try to blame something; usually it is violent videogames that are blamed for everything, “If the killer didn’t play video games… “is what we usually hear from people. Sadly, violent video games are just a small percentage of the whole reality that makes us desensitized. Violent video games may be the reason for the Virginia Shooting Massacre in 2007 or the Columbia High School tragedy in 1999. In reality, the thing, which is to blame for everything is the media, which makes us desensitized to violence.

          The everyday images of death bodies in the movies, newspapers, magazines, on video games, television, radio and even more to mention, those are the real reasons for the violent tragedies. Our society becomes so over mediated, that it no more troubles us to see a death human body on the television. Due to the Hollywood overemphasis of violence on regular basis we are so desensitized, it is no longer wrong to kill others. In movies we are even sorry and make excuses for the killer not the victims. And violent video games make us feel glorified and excited, when human blood is splashed all over the wall. Or am I the only one who, when watching the Lord of the Rings in the movies, where hundreds of viewers were clapping when an actor cut off the head of a horrible monster, where the blood splashed all over the place?

          So why only blame video games? Yes, of course we score points for the most death bodies, but in the movies and on television, we no longer cry because an actor has been killed and we no longer believe it is wrong.  We only sit and watch, sometimes even laugh. The Hostel movie may be horrifying and dreadful to many people, but the usual watchers of these movies are teenagers. Teenagers, who are no longer troubled by the images they see, but take it as a victory to see a movie of such and sometimes a “lazy” animated imitation of dead bodies. Or what about the movie Saw? I believe children and teenagers are no longer scared or even disgusted of such images, but only showing to their classmates what they can take by watching others do unbelievable to themselves or others when trying to survive.

          Saw, Hostel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or many more can be said are just a level heroes for our children. Today our children are not only desensitized by seeing violence on television and on the Internet, but violence has become popularity, we could maybe imagine the word violence as a hero and model towards our children.




The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Do you still believe violence in the media does not desensitize us?



December 12, 2007

          An average child between ages 8 to 18 spends more time in front of the computer, television and game screens than any other activity except sleeping (Huston, 1992). Our children are enormously influenced by the media, not only in their decisions and actions, but also in their behaviors. Unfortunately the large amount of exposure to media has negative effects towards our society, especially towards children and teenagers, one of the most serious effects  is desensitization to violence.

          Children not only  learn by observing and imitating what is in the media, but they also come to terms with violence as an acceptable way to settle conflicts and desire to watch even more violent movie and play even more dreadful video game, where players are rewarded for the amount of people killed.

          Our media needs to be changed; media violence needs to be limited not only in violent video games but also in movies and television. I hope our society will find this website useful and change their opinion and actions towards media. A Childrensmedia2day Blog is here for people to bring them a different view about today’s media and society. My blog is here to finally make you see, that children need to find more effective entertainment than playing violent video games and that children should NOT be rewarded for killing people in Doom (violent video game), neither should they be rewarded for “kicking someone’s butts” in Fight Night Round 3 (violent video game), but they should be told the real life beauties.


Popular Wrestling matches are another source of violence in the media, which desensitize our society. Children and teenagers not only watch horrible matches, where oponents are risking their life, but they are also entertained by the most awful moves seen.