Current Events

Saddam Hussein Execution

          Saturday 29th December, 2006 the date the history will not only ever forget but also in the media will be mentioned for years from now. On the 29th of December in 2006 the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged for terrible crimes of killing more than hundred of his own people. The execution has been recorded on video phone by a guard, whose recordings have been put to internet web sites and spread to the whole world to see.

          Although the terrible crime should definitely be punished for, the execution itself should have never been seen by people, especially by the children. With unbelievably immediate attention, Hussein’s execution has been the most watched video all over the world, not only by the Iraqi people but also by small children and teenagers. Although the video is the most horrifying and dreadful, still it became popularity among adults but also the youth all over the world.

          When I was growing up, my parents were covering my eyes just by seeing a little bit of blood or immediately sending me to my room, telling me it is not a movie for children, but today it has become a common factor in today’s society for children to not only watch such violence on television, but also to be directly seeking and hunting such violence provided by the media. The videos were not only posted on the well known You Tube websites, where anyone can post practically anything, but also to educational newspapers, such as the CNN, BBC or even small countries such as the Czech Republic were posting it right on the television network, where no limits to access and whiteness such a disaster were set towards small children and teenagers.

          Not only such videos and pictures are adored to be seen, but this act of inhumanity has been made fun of and the humorous examples of videos and pictures, sometimes even stories are provided all over the internet websites and then seen by millions of children not even reaching the age of ten.

          The media changes our society, we are desensitized by the exposure to media violence so enormously, we no longer hide from violence but we also desire it. The media has spread so much that we see it in “every corner” but we are not aware of its effects anymore.


Virginia Shooting Massacre

          On Monday April 16, 2007 the deadliest shooting in American history has occurred, when a third year Virginia Tech Student Seung- Hui Cho shot 32 people and then committed a suicide. No one really knows what horrible motives Cho had for his actions still today, but many speculate on the subject of media.

          Some people believe such actions would have never happened if the campus was more secure, some question the availability of purchasing a gun in the United States, but I, myself believe Cho was inspired by the media violence and its desensitization to society and children, which had made him pull the tiger. There is always a way to illegally purchase a gun and there can always be a method to get around campus guards, but to get away from media? That’s what I call an impossible task.

          Someone had to put these ideas into Cho’s head, the media, many people say it is due to the violent video games that had made Cho do such actions and I believe, if there is blame to be placed; it is not just a simple videogame, but the whole Hollywood and their overemphasis of violence. Violent video games are just a small percentage of the children’s desensitization caused by the media. Violence in the media, not only in video games, but also in television, newspapers and music video clips is shown on a regular basis and it desensitizes people to the fact that it is wrong to kill others. Well, if it is glorified in films, why would anyone, even Cho, think it is wrong?

          Media today make us desensitized to the everyday reality; it no more troubles us to a see a death body in the movies, such as Hostel or to hit and kill a person in violent video games, scoring high points for the most killed bodies. If we do not want to face the future, where people are killed on the streets and others are just walking by, we do need to change the media.

The Virginia Shooting Massacre killer Seung-Hui Cho

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