Other Blogs

If people are looking forward to know even more about the issues of media and effects on society, in this section I am posting some of my classmates blogs, which are very interesting and I recommended people to visit them to find out more!

1.     http://media4islam.wordpress.com/

This blog talks about the issues of Islam and Media. The author describes the issues with Islam as well as the misleading portrayals of the society. People can find some very interesting opinions and impressive article written by Islamic person himself.

2.     http://gamesmatter.blogspot.com/

The author talks about the issues of video games and society in his blog. Although many of us believe in the negative effects of playing video games, this blog well presents both negative and positive sides of the story with well introduced examples.

3.     http://zhazira.wordpress.com/

The third block I would like to recommend is about the Media and Eating Disorders. The author not only proves media to be the one of source of today’s anorexia and bulimia disorders among teenagers, but she also posts shocking images, which will definitely awaken people with such diseases.

4.     http://hana08.livejournal.com/

Another issue of today’s society, Portrayals of Women in Advertisements, is research on the above link. The author talks about the false portrayals of women and its effects on our society, especially eating disorder issues and the way women perceive themselves due to media.

5.     http://biancaaneska.blogspot.com/

My last recommended blog is about the Image Manipulation in today’s media. This blog well describes the miracles of today’s beauty in the media. Everyone wants to look just like the stars, when in fact if nothing would have been changed to the celebrities’ bodies and image, people would not even mention of trying to look like them.   


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